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About the Golden Globes, #TimesUp, and gorgeous black ensembles

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About the Golden Globes, #TimesUp, and gorgeous black ensembles

Graciela Saldivia

It’s already been a couple of days since the Golden Globes Awards, and we’re still thinking about them. When we first heard about celebrities meaning to wear black to honor #TimesUp -a movement and legal defense fund aimed at helping underprivileged women fight against sexual harassment, assault, and retaliation-, we were skeptic. We couldn’t see how dressing in a certain color could have any impact on this incredible wake of strong women standing up to attackers that have been affecting their lives on many levels for many years. However, we are glad to say that we stand corrected.

As soon as the red carpet portion of the event began, the ocean of black ensembles showed an overwhelming sense of UNITY, and the main event’s speeches? So empowering! It really feels like a great time for our young girls’ future. And Oprah’s speech? Don’t even get us started there…

As for the fashion aspect of the Golden Globes, if we ever thought that a red carpet flooded with black would have been boring, we couldn’t have been more mistaken. We were in love with so many of the ensembles! We have picked our favorite trends below, and we have looked for some great options for each one in case you have a special occasion coming up, and wish to wear one of these gorgeous looks.

The Oscars sure have big shoes to fill now! Do you agree? Which was your favorite look at the Golden Globes?










Photos via Getty Images