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Graciela Saldivia

Hi! I’m the Ecuadorian part of Ports of Style (we are all Ecuadorian, but I'm the one third that actually lives in Ecuador). My name is Melina, I’m 20 years old, I’m a college student and I also work full-time. My days are always busy, so I jump at the opportunity to escape to the beach whenever I can. Ecuador is a beautiful country, with very friendly people and fantastic touristic spots, and I will be in charge to introduce many of them to you.

This time around, I went to Montañita. It’s a wonderful beach town, with a bohemian atmosphere, and full of foreigners that fall in love with it, so much so that many of them change their residence to this town. The beach is just spectacular: Cool refreshing water covered by defying waves, which makes it a must for surfers from Ecuador and all around the world.

For me, lying out by this beach filled me with peace and relaxation, and helped me go back to my week of school and work with renewed strength. I found my bathing suits on Amazon. I have ordered several things on Amazon before, but never bathing suits, and I was really impressed of their great quality when I got them. The prices were the best part: Can you believe that both the top and bottom of my suits were less than $25? Go to the bottom for the links and see for yourself!

As for food, you can never go wrong with any of the waterfront restaurants. They all offer seafood that is as fresh as it is delicious. If you feel like having a good time with the locals, you can’t miss Lost Beach Club. This club was just included in the Top 50 of electronic music worldwide by DJ Mag. And for those that enjoy the urban genre (like me!), the action is at Caña Grill.

How about you? Do you take a weekend or some free time once in a while to get away and do what you love? I definitely recommend it! There’s nothing better than to travel in order to enjoy life and escape the routine.