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Wow. This is it. We are launching our much dreamed project. And by "we", we mean three sisters that even though are considerably far apart in age from each other, we have very similar passions and outlook in life. And here we are, inviting you to take a look into our lives by showing you the things we love the most.

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity" -Amelia Earhart


Who are we?

Let us go into a bit more detail about each one of us: We are Graciela, Elsa and Melina, ages 35, 25 and 20, respectively. We were born in Ecuador (that tiny little country in South America), and two of us (the older ones) live now in Houston, Texas. Like we said, we are really far apart in age, but we never stop texting each other about the things we love: family - especially babies (Graci has two boys, and our brother Luis just had a baby girl), fashion, beauty, travel, writing (hence the blog!), and life in general (the struggle is real).

Why a blog?

This is something that we really have been thinking about doing for a long time. Taking that leap of faith is not easy... will people even like what we have to say and/or show? Will they welcome us in their lives? Will we do what it takes to be worthy of their time? We had so many questions, until it finally hit us. Yes, we are doing this for "the world" to see, but just as importantly, for ourselves. This blog will keep us close in spirit when we are far in body, and will continue to have us sharing our passions, but now in a different platform (our website and social networks), and not only with each other, but also for anyone that wants to tag along for the ride.


So, welcome two hundred, two thousand, or two hundred thousand people! Thank you for visiting us once or every day. We promise we are going to make your time worthwhile.


From our dock to yours,

Ports of Style